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Jason Ballmann

Jason Ballmann

Jason BallmannJason BallmannJason Ballmann

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About + Why Me?

Whether you need private media training or another strategic mind on your growing communications team - or a full-day workshop on best communications and marketing practices for your organization -  my agile and vast expertise is yours. Everyone needs help - it's okay. 

My positive, supportive, and teamwork-focused aesthetic means I'm there to help your goals, play well with others, and foster energy and focus.

- Creative, insightful, and synergistic + fun and easy to work with!

- More than 10 years of strategic communications, marketing, and development experience and the intersections thereof

- History shifting cultural attitudes and behaviors for many products, causes, education, elections, and other goals

- Vast talents and skills with social media, media relations, web design, email marketing, and ads (whether for a crisis or not)

- Expertise with advanced graphics and video tools (and common office apps)

Let's get the conversation started.


Let's get the conversation started.

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